The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

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How CE Server Can Be Applied

Using CE Server's powerful delivery model, the distribution of your school's CE Library and live class schedule can be expanded to any number of other distribution venues.

Here are some examples of additional distribution venues for the CE Library:

  • A CE School's Own Web Site - easily add online distribution of your CE materials to your existing Web site.
  • A Cooperating Pre-Licensing School Site - establish a distribution channel via cooperating pre-licensing schools and share revenue.
  • An Insurance Company Web Site - make your CE Library available to all the agents at a company via the company's own Web site.
  • An Insurance Office Web Site - your CE Library would be made available to all the agents working from an office or group of offices.
  • A Professional or Trade Association Site - set up a revenue sharing arrangement with any professional or trade association and make your CE Library available to its membership.
  • Any Other Cooperating Organization's Site - the only limit to online distribution of your CE Library is your imagination!

Of course, most schools will find partnering with revenue sharing the best approach to setting up many of these distribution venues. To help accommodate this, CE Server allows for total flexibility with respect to pricing courses differently depending upon the partner site to which the CE Library is being distributed. In other words, a school may adjust pricing to meet the revenue arrangement made with a partner site.

Example #1 -- A Co-Branded Insurance CE Site

Reinhart Technologies Inc. and AHI Insurance Services partenered to offer a comprehensive insurance CE site known as CEProviders.com. Since 2001 this site has been serving insurance agents' CE needs.

The CE Server technology is used as the basis for the implemetation of this site, delivering education materials from the CE Library to students nationwide.

The web site home page is http://www.CEProviders.com (click the link to enter the Isurance CE Center) or click this link: Insurance Continuing Education by CE-Providers.com.

Example #2 -- A Professional Association Site

The New York based Alliance of Insurance and Financial Professionals is a not for profit organization that currently represents four professional associations with a collective membership of thousands of insurance and financial service professionals and hundreds of business offices throughout the major metropolitan area.

CE Server is used as the engine to power the online insurace CE portion of their site. It delivers the full suite of functions to allow this association's students to take NY state approved courses previously loaded into its CE Library.

The web site home page is http://www.taifp.com
and the CE page URL is http://www.taifp.com/html/redirect_web_ce.asp


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