The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

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CE Server Demonstration: Online CE School

Would you like to take CE Server out for a test drive? We've provided this demo to allow you to do just that. Keep these things in mind when exploring this demo:

  • We've invented a fictitious CE school named "Online CE School" which will be the CE provider for this demo.
  • This demonstration is done in a new pop up window that is launched when you click the link below. This simulates how CE Server could be used to add online CE to an existing web site.
  • During this demo you will be using the actual live software and data base. Only the school and the CE itself are contrived or simulated.
  • For the sake of simplicity, Online CE School offers only one course and only for the state of Illinois. Actual CE schools are not limited in the number of courses or states.
  • Keep in mind that the top frame area (containing the branding and graphic image) as well as the left hand frame area (containing the navigation Menu) are customized for each project and typically use the customer's color scheme and branding information.
  • After entering the demo, you are encouraged to follow the entire process from enrollment to certification. For a quick overview, click on the "Our Program" link on the left hand Menu in the demo.

Ready to get started? Just click here to go to the Online CE School site.

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