The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

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This is a brief summary of the most salient features of CE Server and the associated benefits. For further information, feel free to contact us. Also, be sure to visit out student testimonials page to see how well received this product is by the students who use it!

Feature Benefit
Frames Delivery Model Increases distribution of your CE Library by permitting fast deployment to any number of partner Web sites.
ASP Business Model No up front investment for the CE school in costly hardware, software, or development. No ongoing operating concerns.
Risk Free CE(tm) Students convert to paying customers at a higher rate.
Online Accounting & Reporting Instantly know where your business stands.
Configurable Revenue Splits Set up partnerships with complete revenue sharing flexibility.
Books Distributed As PDF Files Students may access books offline, print portions as desired. Compact files result in fast downloads.
Credit Card Payment Real time charges to student credit cards ensure all funds deposited directly into your account.
Online Testing & Grading School is not required to spend any time administering a student enrollment until a certificate is requested.
Back End Order Management Subsystem Helps administer the flow of already tested, pre-paid students.
SSL Encryption Higher level of trust from students knowing their personal and financial information is secure and private.

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