The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

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How CE Server Works

No particular technical knowledge is required to utilize CE Server beyond normal Internet and office computer skills. However, we strongly recommend that you understand at least the basics of our approach and architecture so that you may better understand how it may be deployed.

There are four critically important components to CE Server: the CE Library, the software, the delivery model, and the business model.

The CE Library

At the heart of the CE Server solution is the CE Library.

Individual CE schools enter their course information into this central data base. Included for each course is information such as

  • The text book for the course
  • The test to be administered online at the end of the course
  • Approved course information for each state (credit hours, approval number, etc.)

In addition to the course related information, the CE school also enters certain business related information (such as pricing information, school license information, etc.).

Once a school has entered all courses and all information for each state in which the courses are approved, the school's CE Library is complete and ready for online distribution to students.

The Software

The software provides all the functions required to deliver online CE, including student registration, course enrollment, book downloading, online testing and scoring, certification requests, and online payment.

Schools may also elect to take orders for conventional books and tests shipped to the student as well as live class enrollments.

The software also provides comprehensive order management and accounting functions to help CE schools.

For a more complete functional description of the CE Server software, please see the section entitled "What CE Server Does."

The Delivery Model

The third feature of CE Server is its innovative "delivery model" which permits the rapid deployment of a school's CE library on any Web site in a matter of hours. This model relies upon Web browser "frames."

So what are frames? They are a way of displaying more than one Web page at the same time in a single browser window. And each of those Web pages can be independently served from a different place, invisibly to the browser's user.

CE Server uses frames to make it look like a school's CE library is actually "on" as many Web sites as the school wishes to distribute it. (That's all that you really need to know about frames, but if you would like to learn more, click here for a quick frames tutorial.)

The Business Model

CE Server is implemented using the Application Service Provider (ASP) business model. What this basically means is thar the entire data base and supporting software reside entirely on our powerful servers.

Students wishing to access CE materials in the CE Library do so via the World Wide Web using only a conventional Web browser and the Adobe Acrobat Reader. As a result, there is no need for students to purchase and install specialized software. Everything is done using software that is readily available and free of charge.

Better yet, there is no need for CE schools to purchase and to install specialized software or hardware, or to have any ongoing operating responsibility. Server, network, and software support is entirely handled by our staff.

Risk Free CE(tm)

All online courses are delivered to students under our Risk Free CE(tm) program, meaning students are allowed to enroll in courses, to download the corresponding textbooks, and to take the tests without paying fees in advance.

This has proved to be a very successful approach, since students are more likely to initiate their study on a risk free basis, and therefore more likely to convert into paying students once they have invested their time in a course. To see how enthusiastically this has been received by students, please review our student testimonials page.

Our experience has shown that the over all conversion rate is much higher using this Risk Free Continuing Education(tm) approach.

Want to learn more? Click to learn How CE Server Can Be Applied.

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