The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

The Solution Of Choice To Power Online Insurance Continuing Education

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CE Server is an innovative Web based product providing a solution to CE schools that wish to deliver their courses online to students via the Internet.

CE Server delivers a stream of pre-enrolled, pre-tested, pre-paid students to insurance CE schools. The school need only prepare the certificate of completion and process records to the state as appropriate.

And with Version 2.1 of the software, CE Server also supports online enrollment in and pre-payment for the school's live classes. Now CE schools can promote and offer their entire curriculum in all formats (online, home study, and live class) to online students!

The central component of the CE Server solution is the CE Library. Once a school has added its courses to the CE Library, these courses can be delivered to students on an "any time, any place" basis:

"Any time"
Your students may enroll in online, home study, or live class courses, download books, take tests, and pay 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. No involvement of school personnel is required for online courses until a final certificate of completion is issued.

"Any place"
Special features of our software allow for the super fast (as little as within a few hours) deployment of a school's CE library on any number of online distribution venues such as the following:

  • The school's own site
  • A cooperating pre-licensing school site
  • An insurance company site
  • A professional or trade association site
  • Any other cooperating organization's site

Since we use the Application Service Provider (ASP) business model, all these services are provided from our powerful Web server to Internet students. There is absolutely no need for the CE school to invest in new software or hardware. And since we offer CE Server on a "pay for performance" basis, there are no significant startup costs. We make money only when you make money.

Another unique feature of our approach is that all online CE is offered on a risk free basis to the student. Students are permitted to enroll in courses, to download the textbooks, and to take the online tests without paying any fees in advance. Fees are collected only when the student requests a certificate of completion. This Risk Free CE(tm) program has proved to be highly successful in the long run, converting students at a higher rate than if advance fees were required. Of course, students ordering conventional home study courses and live class enrollments are required to pre-pay.

In short, CE Server provides a powerful, new means of online CE distribution and revenue.

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